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Based on TV’s Great Migrations series, this slender book opens by introducing the term migration and the three animals to be discussed. Each 12-page chapter focuses on one species, with a number of excellent color photos showing the animals in their habitats as well as a clearly written, large-print text commenting on their lives, their reasons for migrating, and threats to their survival. The zebras of Botswana migrate between the river basin and far-flung water holes, depending on the availability of water and food. The red crabs on Christmas Island must travel from their forest home to the ocean to lay their eggs. Finally, Pacific walruses migrate between the Chukchi Sea and the Bering Sea as the ice changes with the seasons. With text, borders, illustrations, and patterned backgrounds as well as boxes carrying riddles, factoids, or additional information, the pages sometimes look crowded. Still, this book is a colorful supplemental title for science collections. Grades 2-4.